Barfuß durch Australien

Svenja (38) is tough. A business lady who jets around the world to spruce up “aging” luxury hotels. Her daughter Kira (16) doesn’t find this life thrilling at all. Every time she gets used to a place, Svenja and her move again to a new country and Kira has to start from scratch. And all because her mother runs away – from the sedentary life, her ex-boyfriend who waits in vain for her in Berlin and does not understand why she is so reluctant to spend a happy future with him.
In beautiful Australia, on the Murray River, Svenja goes about her daily business, while Kira falls in love with Jack (17), a young Aborigine, and immerses herself with him in the mystical, nature-loving traditions of his people.

Cast: Anneke Kim Sarnau, Amira Demirkiran, Aaron Pedersen, Tjiirdm McGuire, Jakob Seeböck, Laurenz Wiegand, Tessa Rose, Alirio Zavarce, Ethan Gifford, Ella Buckingham, Mieka Thompson-Mills, Hamish Phillips, Major Sumner, Peter Ferris a.o.

Screenplay: Gernot Gricksch
Director: Alan Smithee
Camera: Bernd Fischer
Production Designer: Tony Cronin
Costume: Metin Misdik
Sound: Magnus Pflüger
Production Management: Paul Ryan, Christine Williams
Producers: Schiwago Film (Marcos Kantis, Martin Lehwald)
Commissioning Editor: Katja Kirchen (ARD Degeto)

Year of production: 2020