Hans Schüssler has avoided his hated homeland Romania for 40 years. The former investigator now lives a secluded life, devoted to alcohol, in Berlin.

Surprisingly, he gets an almost immorally lucrative assignment that takes him to Romania, of all places. Reluctantly, he seizes the opportunity and returns to Brasov.

Katja Schöne, the lawyer for “Holz-Sasse”, the largest timber company in Europe, is waiting for him. One of their top managers has disappeared without a trace.

On the dangerous search for the manager, Schüssler learns how important the Carpathians are for the climate and how closely our Western interests are intertwined with the corrupt regional structures that are systematically decimating Europe’s last virgin forests. His search leads him along his childhood sweetheart, the prosecutor Silvia Dancu ever deeper into the mysteries of his own past.

Cast: Joachim Król, Désirée Nosbusch, Alina Levshin, Geo Dobre, Anja Schneider, Peter Franke, Alexander Beyer, Orodel Olaru, Bogdan Ciubuciu, David Pisica, Ali Deac, Mihai Niculescu, Catalin Nicolau, Vlad Radescu, Lucian Pavel, Mihaela Sarbu a.o.

Screenplay: Alexander Buresch, Torsten C. Fischer
Based on an idea by: Martin Lehwald
Book collaboration: Sven Taddicken
Director: Torsten C. Fischer
Camera: Hannes Hubach
Music: Fabian Römer
Production Design: Jörg Prinz
Costume: Anne-Gret Oehme
Make-up: Tatjana Luckdorf
Sound: Dragos Stanomir
Production Management: Dirk Engelhard
Service Producer: Seven Film
Producer: Stella Wejchert, Mirjam Erdem (Development)
Producer: Schiwago Film (Martin Lehwald, Marcos Kantis)
Editing: Pit Rampelt (ZDF)

Year of production: 2022

Festival participations and prizes
  • Festival of German Film Ludwigshafen
  • 2nd Upper Swabia Film Festival