“Inside” tells the story of Nemo an art thief who enters a collector’s penthouse apartment hunting for valuable works of art. As he enters, the security system locks everything down. And then malfunctions. He is locked inside. At Sirst, he expects his partners in crime to arrive, then the security guards or the police. Or the owner. But no one comes. Then he hopes and prays for a cleaning lady to come. A servant. Someone to clean the aquarium. Anyone. But no one comes. And days stretch out into months. He is locked inside a prison adorned with exquisite, strange, even eerie works of art: works that he both covets and admires, but which are now, for him, useless. Instead he must use all of his cunning and invention to survive. To break into all the locked spaces to Sind all the food and liquid he will need. The luxury penthouse – this locus of perfection and aspiration – has become a prison. A desert island. A torture chamber. And then a place of revelation.



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Cast: Willem Dafoe, Gene Bervoets, Eliza Stuyck

Written by: Ben Hopkins
Director: Vasilis Katsoupis
Director of Photography: Steven Annis
Production Design: Thorsten Sabel
Art Curator: Leonardo Bigazzi
Editor: Lambis Haralambidis
Composer: Frederik van de Moortel
Producer: Giorgos Karnavas (Heretic), Marcos Kantis (Schiwago Film), Dries Phlypo (A Private View)

Festival participations
  • 73. Berlin International Film Festival
Szene aus Ostfriesensünde
Szene aus Ostfriesensünde
Szene aus Ostfriesensünde
Szene aus Ostfriesensünde