Ann Kathrin Klaasen and Frank Weller have made it: they get married in a small civil ceremony at the Norder Teemuseum. In the evening, there is an exuberant atmosphere at the traditional Easter bonfire on the beach. But the very next morning, CID chief Ubbo Heide has to call the couple back from their honeymoon: The charred remains of human bones protrude from the still-smoking ashes of the Easter bonfire.

When another body turns up in a children’s playground on Norderney, Klaasen and her colleagues find themselves in the middle of the hunt for the next serial offender. For Ann Kathrin Klaasen, one thing is clear: this murderer doesn’t just kill. He stages his murders and wants the world to take part. But what is the message? And who will be the next victim


Cast: Picco von Groote, Christian Erdmann, Barnaby Metschurat, Kai Maertens, Marie Schöneburg, Thomas Ziesch, Pauline Pollmann, Tanja Schleiff,  Patrick von Blume, Michael Fritz Schumacher, Junis Marlon, Sophie Pfenningstorf, Paula Hartmann, Manuel Harder, Magdalena Höfner, Yun Huang, Adriana Vid, Saralisa Volm uvm.

Screenplay: Marija Erceg
Based on the novel by: Klaus-Peter Wolf
Director: Marcus O. Rosenmülle
Camera: Tobias Schmidt
Composer: Warner Poland, Wolfgang Glum
Editing: Raimund Vienken
Production design: Andreas C. Schmid
Costume: Sonja Greif
Sound: Torsten Lenk
Production Management: Andrea Bockelmann
Producer: Simon Grohe
Producers: Schiwago Film (Martin Lehwald, Marcos Kantis)
Commissioning Editor: Silvia Lambri (ZDF)

Year of Production: 2022

Fotos: © ZDF / Sandra Hoever

Szene aus Okavango
Szene aus Okavango
Szene aus Okavango
Szene aus Okavango