The body of a young woman turns up in the Uplengen Moor. Ann Kathrin Klaasen is astonished that the perpetrator hardly bothered to sink the victim completely. Rather, it seems as if the dead woman should be found. While the team in Aurich is evaluating the first traces, the six-month-old twins are abducted in the city centre in Norden by holidaymakers from the Ruhr area. A feverish search for the kidnapper and the murderer of the “bog body” begins…


Cast: Picco von Groote, Christian Erdmann, Barnaby Metschurat, Kai Maertens, Marie Schöneburg, Laurids Schürmann, Katharina Behrens, Lieselotte Krieger, Maria Ehrich, Andreas Euler, Christian Ahlers, Till Wonka, Patrick Joswig, Harald Krassnitzer, Magnus Mariuson, Rebecca Rudolph, Lovis Wiefelspütz, Charlotte Crome, Dagmar Leesch, Monika Gossmann, Ellen Müller a.o.

Script: Christian Limmer
Based on the novel by: Klaus-Peter Wolf
Director: Marcus O. Rosenmüller
Camera: Tobias Schmidt
Composer: Warner Poland, Wolfgang Glum
Editor: Raimund Vienken
Production Design: Andreas C. Schmid
Costume: Sonja Greif
Sound: Torsten Lenk
Production Management: Andrea Bockelmann
Producer: Simon Grohe
Producers: Schiwago Film (Martin Lehwald, Marcos Kantis)
Commissioning Editor​: Silvia Lambri (ZDF)

Year of production: 2022

Photos: © ZDF / Sandra Hoever

Szene aus Okavango
Szene aus Okavango
Szene aus Okavango
Szene aus Okavango
Szene aus Okavango
Szene aus Okavango