Ein Sommer an der Moldau

What at first glance looks like a romantic river cruise on the Vltava is in fact quite different: Sophie is to work as a private investigator on board the “Svoboda”. Little Katka’s grandparents hope that the detective can find out if the girl is really okay with her father. Sophie had already turned down the job – children are not really her thing at the moment. But when her boyfriend Florian then brings up the subject of family planning, Sophie takes flight. Off to the Vltava. Off to the “Svoboda”.

To their surprise, Tomasz, Katka’s father, does not at all correspond to the image that the commissioning grandparents have drawn of him: Tomasz is a loving father who tries in an unconventional way to deal with the death of his wife and to be there for his daughter. And so Sophie learns about the construct of “family” as something that gives her a completely new perspective on her life.


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Cast: Alina Levshin, Marko Cindrić, Ziva Marie Faske, Franziska Walser, Rudolf Kowalski, Steve Windolf, Karen Dahmen, Lore Stefanek, Friedhelm Ptok a. o.

Screenplay: Axel Melzener, Julia Nika Neviandt, Daniel Call
Director: Sarah Winkenstette
Camera: Christian Almesberger
Editing: Christian Krämer
Music: Ulrich Reuter
Sound: Tomáš Bělohradský
Production design: Pierre Brayard
Producers: Martin Lehwald, Michal Pokorný, Marcos Kantis
Producer: Philipp Goeser, Simon Grohe
Commissioning Editor​: Sebastian Hünerfeld


Szene aus Okavango
Szene aus Okavango
Szene aus Okavango
Szene aus Okavango
Szene aus Okavango
Szene aus Okavango
Szene aus Okavango
Szene aus Okavango