Fremder Feind

“Stranger Enemy” is a drama about heavy losses, about love and ultimately about the futility of any war.

About the content: Arnold (Ulrich Matthes) and his wife Karen (Barbara Auer) are shocked when their common son Chris informs them that he has enlisted in the Bundeswehr and that the deployment is already imminent. Their son’s deployment abroad is the beginning of a grueling time for Arnold and Karen. And indeed, one day the couple receives the news, as dreaded as it is terrible, that their son has fallen. Karen breaks down over Chris’s death. Arnold wants to leave everything behind and retreats to a lonely mountain hut with his last remaining companion, his dog.

But no sooner does he arrive in the mountains than he is exposed to an unknown enemy: a man who devastates Arnold’s property and critically injures his dog. Arnold drives a war against this faceless stranger whose identity remains a mystery. In Anne (Jordis Triebel), Arnold meets someone who gives him a glimpse of something beyond his hermit life again. But then it comes to an all-important fight between Arnold and the unknown stranger. A fight to the death …

“Fremder Feind” is a production of Schiwago Film GmbH, sponsored by Cine Tirol Film Commission, commissioned by Westdeutscher Rundfunk Cologne for Das Erste. Corinna Liedtke (WDR) is the editor.


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Cast: Ullrich Matthes, Barbara Auer, Jordis Triebel, Felix von Bredow, Lili Epply, Thomas Loibl, Samuel Schneider

Screenplay: Hannah Hollinger
based on the novel “Krieg” by: Jochen Rausch
Director: Rick Ostermann
Camera: Leah Striker
Composer: Stefan Will
Editing: Christoph Wermke
Production design: KD Gruber
Costume: Natascha Curtius-Noss
Make-up: Sylvia Grave, Peter Bour
Sound: Stefan Soltau
Mix: Matthias Schwaab
Production management: Frank Zahl
Line Producer: Charles E. Breitkreuz
Producer: Louise von Johnston
Producer: Marcos Kantis, Martin Lehwald, Michal Pokorny
Commissioning Editor: Corinna Liedtke, WDR

Production year: 2017

Scene from Stranger Enemy
Scene from Stranger Enemy
Scene from Stranger Enemy
Scene from Stranger Enemy