Scene from Big Lies

Große Lügen

Devi, who is in her mid-thirties, is in a life crisis. She walks dogs in Prenzlauer Berg and has neither a husband nor a child, nor a stellar career. She is also researching her great childhood sweetheart “Jonny Miller”, of whom, however, she only knows that he lives in New York. The search is correspondingly unfruitful.

She feels her biological clock ticking, wants to change her life and therefore resolves not to take off the shoes she has just bought “until that happens”.

Devi decides to leave everything behind, sublet her “apartment with stove heating” and go straight to New York to look for “Jonny Miller.” But first she wanders through Berlin, meets all kinds of bizarre characters, gets to know Gregor, her mother’s new boyfriend, and tells her less than enthusiastic friend Undine about her plans.

But everything changes when she has to take care of the child of a mother friend for some time. Completely filled with this new task, her plans fall into the background.

A letter turns up and in psychological family constellations under the guidance of Gregor, she finally learns the shocking truth about “Jonny Miller” and her family. The situation escalates.


Cast: Anna Thalbach, Natascha Bub, Claudia Mehnert, Sissy Höfferer, Michael Greiling, Johannes Brandrup

Screenplay: Jany Tempel
Director: Jany Tempel
Camera: Helmfried Kober
Composer: Rainer Oleak
Editing: Cetin Tutak
Production design: Carola Gauster
Costume: Elke Zetl
Make up: Kristin Eichhorn
Sound: Thomas Pfeiffer
Production Management: Gunnar Juncken
Producer: Martin Lehwald
Sponsor: The Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and the Media (film award funds)
Production year: 2005

  • Film Festival Max Ophüls Preis 2005
    Audience Award of the German – French Student Jury
Scene from Big Lies
Scene from Big Lies
Scene from Big Lies
Scene from Big Lies