Mr. Mux has a mission: The self-proclaimed do-gooder wants to teach his fellow men ideals and a sense of responsibility again – and blows the whistle against missteps of all kinds: “Big Mux is watching you!” With his immaculately ironed shirt, the clean man pursues fare dodgers and swimming pool pinchers, parking violators and graffiti sprayers. Mux cleans up the streets of Berlin, always accompanied by his faithful sidekick, the ex-long-time unemployed Gerd, who documents the exploits with a video camera. But on his crusade against injustice and indifference, the legal situation soon becomes the western pocket sheriff’s own undoing …


Cast: Jan Henrik Stahlberg, Fritz Roth, Wanda Perdelwitz, Lydia Stange, Dieter Dost, Holger Gronemann, Rainer Adler, Sándor Söth, Ruth Petschke, Fleur S. Marsch, Mirko Schikanski, Ellen Rappus-Eichhorn

Screenplay: Jan Henrik Stahlberg
Director: Marcus Mittermeier
Camera: David Hofmann
Composer: Julian Boyld
Editing: Daniela Boch
Production design: Andreas Hansch
Costume: Constanze Hagedorn
Make-up: Alexandra Skrzypczak
Sound: Sebastian Leukert
Production management: Conny Neetenbeek
Production management: Gunnar Juncken
Producer: Martin Lehwald
Production year: 2002/2003

  • German Film Award 2004 for Best Editing
    Nomination German Film Award 2004
    – best film
    – Fritz Roth as best supporting actor
  • Film Festival Max Ophüls Preis 2004
    – Award for the best screenplay
    – Best Film Award
    – Audience Award
    – Prize of the student jury
  • Berlinale 2004 (Perspektive Deutsches Kino)
  • Gothenburg IFF
  • LA AFI
  • Chicago IFF
  • Montreal WFF
  • Vancouver IFF
Scene from Muxmäuschenstill
Scene from Muxmäuschenstill
Scene from Muxmäuschenstill
Scene from Muxmäuschenstill