The ever-popular star architect Solness has reached the top through talent and a healthy dose of egotism. But it’s lonely at the top. And it is dangerous. Because all at once his wonderful world collapses. His children die in a fire. His wife turns away and begins a relationship with the family’s shady friend. His youthful competitor beats him out in an important tender. Now of all times, as if out of nowhere, the very young Scandinavian architecture student Hilde appears. Beautiful as a Botticelli angel, she forces her way into Solness’s life and soon plays up her attraction icily. More and more the angel becomes a monster

of manipulation. A perfidious, erotically overheated conundrum begins, in the course of which reality and delusion become blurred. Only gradually does Solness realize that something connects him to the girl. Ten years ago, in Lysanger, Scandinavia, he had made her a promise and failed to keep it. Has Hilde come to take revenge? To kill him? Solness must accept the fight for life and death. To do so, he must also confront his always-denied fear of heights….


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Cast: Thomas Sarbacher, Julia Schacht, Robert Stadlober, André M. Hennicke, Dieter Meier, Doris Schretzmayer, Lise Risom Olsen, Maximilian Seidel, Johannes Ahn, Jane Chirwa, Madeleine Krakor, Nicolo Pasetti, Roman Kanonik

Screenplay: Michael Klette
Director: Michael Klette
Camera: Ralf Noack
Editing: Beatrice Babin, Till Ufer
Production design: Annette Lofy
Props: Fritz Jürgens, Sven Kuhnlein
Costume: Daphne Roeder
Make-up: Stefanie Gredig, Hanna Riehm
Sound: Julian Cropp
Production Management: Claudia Schebesta
Co-producer: Dog Ear Films
Producer: Martin Lehwald, Marcos Kantis, Michal Pokorny
Commissioning Editor: ZDF/3SAT (Meike Klingenberg, Jule Broda), ARTE (Wolfgang Bergmann)
Production year: 2015

Scene from Solness
Scene from Solness
Scene from Solness
Scene from Solness