Frederike and Fabian, both 10 years old, secretly plan an experiment. They want to beam away their friend Jonathan, also 10 years old. The experiment goes wrong and instead of the boy, suddenly all the people in the village have disappeared. The school is also completely empty.

While searching for the causes, they discover images on television of people climbing up the Berlin Wall and driving their Trabbis toward the border. The children realize that they have accidentally beamed all the people to West Berlin. They must repeat the experiment to save their parents and neighbors. An adventurous retelling of the events of November 9, 1989.


Cast: Isabelle Kühn, Elias Mavriki, Till Valentin Winter

Screenplay: Markus Dietrich, Hanna Reifgerst
Director: Markus Dietrich
Camera: Urs Zimmermann
Composer: Philipp E. Kümpel, Andreas Moisa
Editing: Andreas Baltschun
Production design: Asja Neumann
Costume: Christian Röhrs
Make-up: Manuela Bruns
Sound: Thomas Pfeiffer
Production Management: Hanna Reifgerst
Production management: Alexander Wadouh
Executive producer: Michael Schiering
Producer: Marcos Kantis, Martin Lehwald, Michal Pokorny
Sponsor: Medienboard Berlin-Brandenburg
Production year: 2009

  • Berlinale – Nomination for the Berlin Today Award
  • Filmfest Dresden
  • Mo & Friese – KinderKurzFilmFestival Hamburg
  • FEST – International Film Festival Portugal
  • Munich Film Festival
  • Ourense International Film Festival
  • Chicago International Children`s Film Festival
  • KuKi – Children’s Film Festival
  • Istanbul Children’s Film Festival
  • Falsstaff International Film Festival
  • Michael Moore’s Traverse City Festival
  • Festival jeunesse Carrousel Rimouski
  • Cinemagic Belfast
  • Cleveland International Film Festival
Scene from Teleportation
Scene from Teleportation
Scene from Teleportation
Scene from Teleportation